Phloem Features

The Phloem app works with the forest products industry to track trucks hauling wood to mills and the turnaround time at the mills.  The collection of the truck tracking will occur thru the app.


The app will have to interface with mapping software to determine the GPS point of origin, the GPS of the route and the GPS of the delivery point scale house (the point where the trucks are weighted). When trucks reach the scale house, a timer will start which will run until the truck returns to the scale house.  There will also need to be the ability to manually start the timer before the scale house is reached.  This needs to occur no more than 1/2 mile from the scale house GPS point.

Truck drivers can browse wait times with real time updates for the mills in the system. 


Choose the mill you are headed to and select the type of load you are carrying then click start to track your trip.


Report any major issues that you see a the mill that will effect traffic flow. All drivers in route to that location will be notifed immediately.


Mill Database

It is important for the mills to be able to keep track of the loads coming to them and to see where they are comng from. Part of the information that they need comes from a map with GPS signals of where each truck is color coded based on the load that they are carrying. Other information will come to them in the form of an excel Spreadsheet. 

Further information will be the tract owner name, name of logger and/or company, name of person completing form, date started and date completed.  Based on input from mills, more information may be needed.


General app process:


-Driver selects mill that they regularly deliver to


-Choose the mill they are hauling load to, prior to leaving the woods

          -if driver has no cell service, app will store                               information until phone has service 


-App will start tracking trip time from the moment the driver leaves the woods to their scale. 

          -App does not require input while truck is in motion


-App will register the scales once in range and ask if driver has been waiting for a certain period of time

         -if they are waiting, turnaround time at scale will start


Other features:

-if there is a problem at the mill, they can send a push notification that goes to all drivers that have that mill selected helping to avoid delays 


-The more truckers that use Phloem, the more valuable the information will be to loggers. 


-Loader operators may use the app to determine what products to load in order to maximize efficiency 


Future updates:

-Ability to track trucks, traffic and routing information to match available trucks to loads 


-Mill notifications regarding the timing of the trucks arriving


-Any feedback from loggers and drivers on ways to improve the user experience and meet the needs of the industry is greatly appreciated



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